Introduction to Essential Jewellery Design & Production – 4hr Course. £260

This course is for the beginner who has no immediate knowledge of jewellery making or bench skills to gain an understanding of the whole process from beginning to end.

What the student was looking for in taking this 4hr course:

 I am working on my own jewellery designs which eventually I plan to outsource production. I am not a maker – I am looking at practical ways to understand what limitations and possibilities I should be considering when designing my pieces based on the formal production process, rather than undertaking a silversmithing course etc. as I don’t plan to hand craft or get my jewellery produced in that way. I have conducted research into multiple ‘introduction to jewellery’ courses, however seem to find maker courses, and no formal introduction into essential components of jewellery making and design possibilities based on the pragmatic’s of technological production, the engineering behind production beyond the hand crafted element of design/maker processes. The ‘How Jewellery is Designed & 3D Printed’ course sounds like exactly what I am looking for – a view into production methodology for me as a designer to take onboard and consider during my creative process.

Rhino CAD – Week-end course. 10hr Course. £800

The intermediate CAD course will cover the Rhino tools and commands that you need to know in order to make basic solid shapes. You will gain an understanding of the interface and how Rhino uses points, lines, surfaces and solids to create printable 3D objects.

This course is a great way to play with ideas and be able to create repetitive and complex geometric shapes and/or produce minimalist and elegant jewellery after only a weeks intense training. The course will also enable you to quickly sketch and compare different ideas in terms of size, weight-calculations and look. At the end of the CAD courses we usually explore rendering possabilities, creating realistic visuals of your designs pre-manufacture.

After completing the CAD course your understanding of how the software is structured will enable you to experiment with other tools on your own or progress to the fast paced Intermediate Course where you will learn how surface modeling works and how to create more advanced sculptural items. This intermediate course will give you a broad array of tools that will make your modeling faster and more extensive by giving you several different paths to achive the desired result.

Topics in the CAD courses include:

  • Setting up the user interface and layer palette

  • Points, Lines, Curves, Solids and how they correlate

  • Turning curves and lines into solids and complex geometry through repetition

  • Using text to create and engrave

  • Minimum thickness and other limitations – Things to consider when casting items

  • Meshing, checking and exporting – Making objects ready for the 3d printer

  • Different 3D printers, different materials, different prices, different qualities

Day 1

The first day I will try to get a feel for how much you all ready know. If you are a complete beginner I will go through the interface and explain how Rhino uses points, curves, surfaces and polysurfaces to create printable STL files. We will keep it basic and focus on 2D drawing.

Day 2

We will look at using the tools in the surface menu to create a couple of rings and an earring. With these tools you will soon be able to make most simpler designs on your own. I will provide you with some gem shapes to import into Rhino and we will look at how you can size, scale and transform solids to make changes to your designs. We will discuss minimum tolerances for 3D printing and other good things to think about when modeling items for casting and mold making.

What the student said after completing the course:

Apologies on the delayed response, my family went on a holiday immediately after my course so I’ve been a bit unplugged. 
I had a great experience with my CAD course with Sebastian. He was very friendly, professional, and accomodating. I felt like he was very well prepared and good at tailoring his teaching style a bit once he understood my learning style. 
I would give him a rating of 5. 
I am now working on deciding how I would like to proceed, I will be in touch with you to book more courses once I’ve gotten everything sorted:)


Tailored CAD. £80/hr

A good option for those with prior knowledge in CAD or those who have a specific design in mind.

If there is something in particular you’d like to getter a better grasp on this is a good option for you.

We will make a design together and you will start learning how to reproduce a smilar type of design on your own.